About this blog

This is the daily devotional of Earvin Kyle Tupas Amacan published online so he can preserve it for years and hopefully for generation. Made it publicly  as other online readers might inspire of his insight as well as others can comment and share their ideas about the verse given.

Yes he made it daily so he will converse to God everyday, cherish a moment with his Creator and the given purpose of his life.Let us pray for him to fulfill this commitment with enthusiasm discovering God’s love through his words.

About the author

Earvin Kyle Tupas Amacan is not a pastor, bible expert or didn’t take up any formal education on bible. He is just a Christian and what he had written in this blog is based on how he understand God’s words. Also he wants to excuse his grammar as English is not his first language yet he decided to put it up this blog using this dialect for global readers.

He accepted Jesus Christ and started to be His musician on 2010. He is playing guitar for a choir at catholic church. He became a member of catholic charismatic renewal movement to learn more about the bible as he enjoy the christian community. On 2013 he converted to protestant after attending for Panay Assembly of God service for months as bassist. Now he is enjoying learning more about God’s word as well as playing music for Him.