Please Comment On My New Christian Music Based Blog

I’m happy to announce that I recently published a new Christian music based blog. This time, instead of using, I built it through paid hosting. And because I have experience blogging with wordpress, I still use wordpress as my platform so it will be easier for me to familiarize the tools that I can use to make my blog even better than what I have here in free blogging platform.

Here I had focus on bible verse as a daily devotion, on my new blog I share Christian song lyrics and chords. I believe I mentioned before that I played Christian song in our local church so to extend my interest about this genre, I decided to publish a blog that can be a portal to other Christian Musicians alike where they can get chords on popular christian song such as worship songs from Hillsong, Planetshakers, Don Moen, Third Day, City Harvest, Chris Tomlin and a lot more.

Aside from lyrics and chords, I also included other important details on each song such as composer, tempo, and notes that  my readers might be interesting to read.

If you want to check my newly established website, you can visit

Please suggest, comment and criticize my new project for what improvement do you think that I should add. Thank you very much.


7 thoughts on “Please Comment On My New Christian Music Based Blog

      1. Yes, please be careful about what you are doing with your music blog regarding copyright violations. As far as I can tell, based on my knowledge of copyright law regarding music, you should NOT be posting even the lyrics (with or without chords). Churches must have a CCLI license to make lyrics available for services, and the license fee is based on the congregation’s size (number of people). There have been cases of churches being sued for hundreds of thousands of dollars for printing/projecting lyrics without a CCLI license, and you are here on the internet sharing the same thing to an uncountable number of people! Yikes! The first part of your music posts–where you share the song title, authors, album title, etc and a summary/critique of the song–looks good and should be okay legally to do (as far as I can tell, but I’m no legal expert). If I were you, I would simply create a hyperlink of each song in your post that connects to a website more authorized to post the music and lyrics/chords. Blessings, brother!


  1. The site is really good and useful!! It’s really difficult these days to find a site that offers insight, chords etc. on Christian music exclusively. I can’t wait for the site to grow big


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