Knowledge Comes From Criticism

“Whoever loves discipline loves knowledge,
but he who hates reproof is stupid.” – Proverbs 12:1

I remember when I’m playing as drummer in our band, I used to ask my mates to criticize me or say something when I done wrong as part of my growth in the band. I understand as founder and financier of our group, they will no revoke me for anything I do. I know that they are worrying if they say something that I might don’t like.

Actually it brought disadvantage to me as it limit me to learning something and to grow. This is why I’m always saying that I learn much from my mistake than my right because I know that I did something that I never made before.

Solomon known to be the wisest person who live in Earth said on Proverbs 12:1 that those who seek knowledge must also find reproof.

Now for the word discipline, because accepting reproofing shows patience. Sometimes we don’t like the idea of other people disagreeing with us because of our pride. It is like accepting that there are still things we don’t know. And as an ego-centered person it is a shame to their image.

But actually it works opposite to wise people. I remember in the book of Jostein Gaarder when he said that “Wisest is she who knows she does not know.” It is actually based from Socrates when he said that all he is not wise, what he knows is that he doesn’t know. Because if you already knew everything there is no room for you to know something new.

It is also mentioned in 48 Laws of Power that you should play dumber so you can have an advantage. Although the book oppose most of Christian philosophy it agrees on acquiring knowledge from people or usually criticism.


One thought on “Knowledge Comes From Criticism

  1. This is so true but such a difficult concept to grasp! And that is because of pride. Christians are to seek humility as a trait! Being humble allows a person to accept reproof-or correction.
    My husband often says what is so hard when we take on something new, like us living in a motorhome full time, we didn’t know what we didn’t know! I like how you added that in. That will humble you quickly. Currently, our generator quit working. He depended on someone else to service it, or tune it up, once a year-for the 3 years we’ve owned our motorhome home. It is our back up if we don’t have electricity. We try to always stay where we can plug in. But once, during a storm, the campground lost all power. It was very cold and we needed our heater to run. The generator worked so we ran it and stayed warm. The generator finally stopped working. My husband couldn’t find a professional or mechanic to fix it! For some reason, it’s not a desirable job. Bill pulled out the manual and read up on it-then he learned what he didn’t know! The fuel and air filters needed to be changed yearly. He did know to run the generator at least 30 minutes every month to keep it working-but then he learned, really you are supposed to run it for two hours every month if you don’t use it! He’s now trying to fix it himself but he’s even had to search for more help on YouTube as its complicated finding the air and fuel filters as the diagrams in the manual were just sketches-not actual pictures! So now he knows what he didn’t know!
    Isn’t this true also so true about life? We don’t know what we don’t know until we break down! Our marriage fell apart after 13 years. God did a mighty work by bringing us back together after we divorced and then we found the marriage manual-the Bible! We divorced remarried the next year and we just celebrated our 42nd anniversary from when we first married! Just reading the Bible gave us the basics, and then our YouTube to see the real picture of Godly marriage was when we began to attend church and Sunday School! Others showed us what real Christian live looked like!
    I guess I need to write a blog post about this analogy! Thanks for making me look deeper in this post! We do share about our marriage, divorce and reconciliation in our travel blog, from our archives that go back to 2011!


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