Praise God No Matter What

“Through him then let us continually offer up a sacrifice of praise to God, that is, the fruit of lips that acknowledge his name.”Hebrews 13:15

From the verse there are two words from my thoughts, “continually” and “praise.” So this is about praising God continually regardless of situation in life we have. Followed by the verse “fruits of lops that acknowledge his name.” It is easy to curse when we are angry but we shouldn’t instead, we need to still acknowledging God that whatever happens this is for his Glory and acknowledge the goodness of it.


4 thoughts on “Praise God No Matter What

  1. Praise of God is the ultimate way to cleanse..! Where we hold in our hearts, bad about others, it ruins us within.. Just think, if a negative thing can do us negative…Where this positive thing(praising) will lead us.. and how many positive ventures will unfold!!

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  2. I find we often encourage people to praise as an admonition in a vacuum- just praise. However, what seems clear to me is all praise is a response to a revelation of how amazing, loving, kind, gracious, healing, restoring, God is and how he desires us in his presence and plans to rescue and resurrect us!

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  3. I love this post. Recently my husband and I read a little book called From Prison to Praise in which the author tells his story of finding Jesus and growing in his faith. One of the most impacting points he made was the power in praising God for good AND bad. Not just a positive thinking philosophy, but we can thank God for everything because we know he is good and holds all things in his hands, so no matter what happens in our life, God will be bringing something good out of it. I’ve thought this way for big things, but I’m trying to embrace this for every day incidences – red lights, long lines, spilled milk kind of things. How confirming to see your post! Thanks for checking out my blog and the follow! I’m so glad to join with a fellow believer in this journey. For even more, you can sign up for my email list on the first page of my site by clicking the Take Your Life Forward link, and I will send you free publications that might help in growing your life in Christ. Thanks for your excellent posts!

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