As A Father He Wants Us To Listen

“Listen to your father who gave you life, and do not despise your mother when she is old.” – Proverbs 23:22 

This verse is straightforward and as a father there is nothing I want for my son and daughter than to raise them as a good person that is why I want them to listen to me.

In other side of my thoughts, on the line “gave you life” this is the other word of God. I remember when I’m attending a bible study,  every time we had mentioned about giving a life, it is only God who can give life and even as a parents we didn’t gave the life on what our children possess. We our the way on how what they become on their lives here in earth but on the top of it God still the creator of life.

Now we talk about God and this is about following him. We need to listen to him as a father as there is nothing He wants on us than to live a better life. That how is I understand God’s commandment and his teaching as a father I put my life on him so I will get the same thoughts. It is the same of should I say even better He wants for us as a son and daughter than me who wants to my son and daughter.



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