I Will Train My Child Now

“Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.”

-Proverbs 22:6

Thanks Lord for reminding me of it. Actually I have this my mind for my son before he was born. I will tell him about you and how good you are too me. I will teach him how to play music for you,   I will to teach him everything that will makes him a good man.

But to admit it to myself I missing it now because of work, with him as 3 years and with my daughter 6 months old, I really need to work while attending both them is tedious to me and to my wife. Everything I planned, I’m failing it as I’m busy to my work.

When they came into our lives I know I need to work longer. Though sometimes yes, we told stories on him about God. He knows how to thank God, he knows that everything he had is from You. It is lovely when to hear him every time I gave him a gift (excavator toys as his favorite. I said it because later on he is going to read it and he will laugh at it as he is very fond of playing construction vehicles) he is saying, “Thank you Papa Jesus”

But unfortunately it seems that I have more excuses than we are doing the training. Excuses such as I can’t teach to play drums because he can’t kick the bass, we can’t sleep together at night because I need to work and so with many other reasons.

With the verse above, “Train up a child” God reminding me to start training from his childhood. I don’t need to wait for him to get 5 years old so his foot can kick the bass before I can start teaching him how to play drums. I should start now. 

I will do it, starting today, I will train him. God please guide and help me. I pray to you. I don’t want him to be like me who don’t know You until I got 23. Who don’t know who’s going to ask for a help, who to thanks for all the goodness happening in his life, don’t know the grace of your salvation.

Lord guide me so I will be a good trainer to him and so I can assure that with Your love he will not depart from it.