I Want God To Always Stay In My Heart

“I have stored up your word in my heart, that I might not sin against you.”

-Psalm 119:11

Temptation is everywhere and it is very  easy to get fall into it and sin against God, neighbors or even in ourselves. Now from the verse, David mentioned, “might not sin against you” and storing the world of God in his heart, these reflect me in two things.

Because sometimes we don’t know and still doing things against the will of God because we really don’t know that God don’t want us to do it. We are ignorance on God’s will because we don’t know His Words which is actually define who is Him. Upon knowing and storing His words in our heart, we will know what good and what is bad in his sight. In this world there are lots of things that seems good for us (human) yet evil in the sight of God. So like David, we also need to store His Words in our hearts.

Also as basic reflection on this verse, we should keep His word in our hearts so we will not get tempted easily as we fix our eyes to Jesus.


4 thoughts on “I Want God To Always Stay In My Heart

  1. Amen, Earvin I love your words, “Storing in our hearts.” Also in Isaiah 34:16 it says “Seek out the book of the Lord, and read: no one of these shall fail,…. ” meaning, no one of us shall fail if; by His Spirit we take within our hearts His word. Praise Ye the Lord for His Word!

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  2. This verse is found in a section of the Psalm 119 known as Beth, the second letter of the Hebrew alphabet. The letter Beth represents a house, the Hebrew language being very pictorial. The word Beth too means house. This prompted Herbert Lockyer to speak of this section of Psalm 119 teaching how we can make our hearts a home for the Word of God. Quaint, perhaps, but deeply profound.


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