Pray From Your Heart

But when you pray, go into your room and shut the door and pray to your Father who is in secret. And your Father who sees in secret will reward you.”

-Matthew 6:6

For me a very simple verse from Jesus Christ about praying until someone asked me from our community about, “What is the difference of praying in public like praying meeting, going to church or any activities that will let us pray outside our room and someone will sees us?”

To be honest until now I really don’t know how to answer it more specifically or will satisfy also my inquiry about word of God. About prayer meetings or congregation, Paul encourage us to don’t give up meeting together as Christian (Hebrews 10:25.) So I”m sure that question can’t be confused in attending spiritual meetings even that is his intention or want to mess it with that topic, Hebrews 10:25 is very clear  about it.

Going back to a prayer and what Jesus told about it, I asked a pastor what does it mean and he told me that it is about praying in our heart (room).

And for me it was Jesus talking about hypocrites who wants to pray on synagogue or public places for others to see them praying. So the matter is with our heart.  We need pray deep inside our heart and not for public appreciation as what most hypocrites did in his time.

Please enlighten me in this verse. You can post a comment here that will supply on how I understand it or give me a different perspective about the verse.


3 thoughts on “Pray From Your Heart

  1. I couldn’t agree with you more; it is not about lip service,or acknowledgment from others; but rather what is in our hearts. What a wonderful privilege and honor to be able to pray in and by His spirit. May we always be sensitive to His Spirit, and mindful of others in our prayers.

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  2. The private place is of fundamental importance in the Christian life. Proverbs says that what we think in our hearts is what we are. That is deeply challenging. To cultivate a strong personal prayer life is as vital as air is to life. Attendance at public prayer gatherings is likewise essential. Christ said he is there when the two or three are gathered together. Therefore Christ is present when his people are assembled for public worship in a unique manner. We dare not miss out on that. Yet it is only Christians with a vibrant personal prayer life who benefit the most from public prayer. In a sense public prayer can enhance personal prayer. It is there that share our commonality with the other saints within the body of the Church. I find prayer is most difficult and by engaging with other Christians and listening to them my prayer life is assisted.

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